.New Delhi, Delhi, India
The Suicide Squad released in select theatres in India on August 5. (Twitter/@PNemiroff)

  • 'The Suicide Squad' is set to rake in $30 million from North America on its first weekend
  • The earnings look low when compared to other comic-book movies
  • But the movie is yet to release in several parts of the world

Suicide Squad director David Ayer has had it with repeated criticism of his movie. (Photo credit: Instagram/@davidayermovies)

  • In a Twitter statement, he said that the version audiences saw in theatres was not his film
  • Ayer also spoke about his childhood traumas
  • The 2016 Suicide Squad was based on DC comics antiheroes

.Los Angeles, CA, USA
Margot Robbie plays Harley Quinn in DC'S suicide squad. (Photo Credit: Instagram/@thesuicidesquad)

  • James Gunn said he "definitely would" like to direct such a film
  • 'The Suicide Squad' is set to release later this year
  • An animated show of Harley Quinn is already running