3 Feburary.Karnataka, India
The incident took place in Karnataka’s Bilinele village on Wednesday morning . (Photo Credit: Unsplash)

  • It all began with the leopard chased the canine and both entered the bathroom
  • Soon, a house owner saw the leopard's tail and locked the door
  • The leopard escaped while the dog was rescued unhurt

24 January.Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
The incident took place at the Prestige Songh of the South apartment complex in Bengaluru's Bannerghatta Road. (Photo Credit: Unsplash)

  • The leopard was spotted by a milkman on Saturday morning
  • The leopard, however, couldn't be traced even after a 6-hour search operation
  • The area will be monitored by the forest officials until the animal is captured

13 December 2020.Kentucky, USA
Three snow leopards are presumed to have tested positive for coronavirus. (Photo credit: Representative/Unsplash)

  • The three cats showed mnor symptoms of coughing and wheezing
  • Domestic cats, dogs and minks have also caught the infection
  • Denmark ordered the culling of 17 million minks amind coronavirus fear