#Mars Mission

.Washington D.C., DC, USA
Picture released by NASA shows Perseverance rover before its landing on Mars. (Photo Credit: Twitter/@NASAPersevere)

  • NASA has released a 60-second recording of the sound from Mars
  • NASA's Perseverance rover captured the sound of a gust of wind
  • The US space agency also released a video of the rover's descent to the Martian surface

Get closer to the Red Planet.(Representational image/Pixabay)

  • NASA tweeted the video of Mars landing
  • The video clip lasted three minutes and 25 seconds
  • It showed the deployment of the parachute and the rover's touchdown on the surface of the Red Planet

A total of 31 test flights for the helicopter are planned as of now. (Photo credit: Twitter/@NASAPersevere)

  • The Perseverance rover landed on Mars on Thursday, after travelling from Earth for more than six months
  • The Ingenuity helicopter has contacted Earth using NASA's Mars Reconaissance Orbiter (MRO)
  • The temperature on the planet's surface can dip down to  -130 degrees Farenheit

.Houston, TX, USA
Earth and Mars are about 140 million miles (225 million kilometres) away. (Photo credit: Twitter/@NASA)

  • NASA’s Artemis program is labelled as a ‘Moon to Mars’ mission
  • Acting administrator Steve Jurczyk remains hopeful about his 'mid-to-end of the 2030s' timeline
  • Funding-related uncertainties in Mars missions are a major problem

.New Delhi, Delhi, India
Perseverance is NASA's largest and most sophisticated rover yet. (Photo Credit: Twitter @NASA)

  • The Perseverance rover touched down on Mars at 3:55 pm ET on Thursday
  • It will explore the Jezero Crater, the site of an ancient lake that existed 3.9 billion years ago
  • NASA released the first full-colour image of the Martian surface captured by the Perseverance rover

.New Delhi, Delhi, India
ISRO is India's national space agency headquartered in India. (Photo Credit: Representational Image/Unsplash)

  • ISRO has called for 'Announcement of Opportunities' on Mars Orbiter Mission-2
  • India  previously achieved a successful Mars Orbiter Mission (Mangalyaan)
  • ISRO also aims to send three humans to space through  Gaganyaan

.Washington D.C., DC, USA
Dr Swati Mohan, an Indian-origin article, led Nasa's Perseverance rover landing on the red planet Mars on Thursday. (Photo Credit: Screengrab/@NASA)

  • "Perseverance is safely on the surface of Mars," Dr Swati Mohan said during the landing process
  • "That's Dr Swati Mohan, sporting a bindi no less", said a Twitter user
  • NASA's Perseverance rover, landed on Mars on Thursday, only the fifth ever to set its wheels down on the red planet

.Pasadena, CA, USA
The Perseverance Rover is equipped with a seven-foot long robotic arm, nine cameras, two microphones, and several instruments for exploration. (Photo credit: Twitter/@NASAPersevere)

  • In the image, a shadow of the rover is visible against the backdrop of the Martian landscape
  • US President Joe Biden hailed 'Science and American ingenuity' while  congratulating NASA
  • Perseverance has landed near the Jerezo crater located north of Mars' equator

.Houston, TX, USA
Dr Swati Mohan led NASA's Perseverance rover's landing on Mars. (Photo Credit: Twitter/@CornellEng)

  • Dr Swati Mohan immigrated to the United States at the age of one
  • She has watched the sci-fi show 'Star Trek' from the age of nine and wanted to explore space ever since
  • She graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from the Cornell University

.Cape Canaveral, FL, USA
NASA's Perseverance rover is the fifth rover that has set its wheels on Mars (Photo Credit: Twitter @NASA)

  • The rover is expected to be NASA's new flag bearer for interplanetary research
  • Perseverance will be the first to record any kind of sounds on the planet's surface
  • It will will also be deploying a helicopter which will be airborne for a total of 20 seconds for its first flight