8 April.Washington D.C., DC, USA
Megan Rapinoe was tagged by Draymond Green in one of his Twitter posts. (Photo Credit: Twitter/@mPinoe)

  • Draymond Green suggested female athletes should stop "complaining" about the gender wage gap
  • Megan Rapinoe lashed out at the Golden State Warriors forward
  • "From someone with such a big platform that's just not acceptable," said Rapinoe

25 March.Washington D.C., DC, USA
President Biden hailed the women's national soccer team as "heroes". (Photo Credit: AFP)

  • Megan Rapinoe joined President Joe Biden at the White House for the Equal Pay Day event
  • Rapinoe has been the face of American women's soccer for nearly a decade
  • Rapinoe said she and other activists are "looking to carry this torch for so many other women"

25 March.Washington D.C., DC, USA
Margaret Purce is a graduate from the Harvard University. (Photo Credit: AFP Photo)

  • Margaret "Midge" Purce is an American soccer player
  • She plays as a forward for the Sky Blue FC
  • She is also an activist with the Black Women's Player Collective