#Rupert Murdoch

5 days ago.Canberra ACT, Australia
Australia's efforts to make Google and Facebook pay for news has garnered worldwide attention. (Photo Credit: Pixabay)

  • Australia's push to regulate tech giants has become a power struggle between Rupert Murdoch and Mark Zuckerberg
  • It's seen as a struggle of the barons of traditional media fighting back against their digital heirs
  • "This has been a passionate cause for our company," said the chief executive of Rupert Murdoch's News Corp

14 Feburary.New Delhi, Delhi, India
Peter Mukerjea was the former Chief Executive of Star India. (Photo credit: Twitter/@ANI)

  • The book will largely zoom in on the Indian television industry and its change over the years
  • Peter Mukerjea was reportedly closely linked to US television personality Rupert Murdoch
  • 'This is not intended to open a can of worms, nor is it a set of kiss-and-tell-stories', Mukerja said

9 January
Media Tycoon Rupert Murdoch.(Photo Credit:@rupertmurdoch)

  • Murdoch's right-wing outlets helped propel Donald Trump to the White House in 2016
  • Tucker Carlson accused him of "recklessly encouraging" the rioters with an inflammatory speech in Washington
  • The New York Post tabloid also lashed out at Trump stating that he responsible for "this day of infamy."