In the new video shared on social media, two women are seen travelling in an open rickshaw on a busy road when a man jumps onto the footboard of the vehicle and kisses her on the cheek, according to The News International.

  • The new video shows two women travelling on a rickshaw somewhere in a busy Pakistan street
  • The women seem visibly disturbed and shaken at the sight of men houding the rickshaw and leering at them
  • Reportedly, this is the second incident of similar nature from Pakistan's Indepenedence Day celebrations

.New Delhi, Delhi, India
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  • Many times, we end up asking hurting questions to out LGBTQIA+ friends
  • This mostly happens due to a lack of awareness and knowledge
  • Such questions can be traumatic and insensitive towards them

.New Delhi, Delhi, India
Chishti is also a member of the London Literary Society and of the Muslim-Jewish Forum in London. (Photo credit: PR)

  • Syed Shaheen Chishti, a descendant of the Ajmer Sharif Dargah, is an Indian British author, and a world peace advocate
  • “The Granddaughter Project” is his first book and is part of his long efforts to promote female empowerment
  • In an interview with Opoyi, he talks about the status of women in society and why his book deals with gender and racial equality