.New Delhi, Delhi, India
Solar storms are caused by peak solar activity (Photo Credit: Unsplash/Representational)

  • During solar storms, the Sun shoots out boiling hot plasma
  • These include huge bursts of charged particles
  • The overwhelming discharge of charged particles can interfere with the internet

.Canberra ACT, Australia
Workers heading out in a boat to build a floating solar power farm on Tengeh reservoir in Singapore. (Photo Credit: Representational/AFP)

  • Coal contributed a record low of 9,315 megawatt to the national electricity market
  • The dominant share of 9,427MW came from solar power on Sunday
  • Wind and solar power met 100% of South Australia's energy demands

Lorde released the third single from her new album 'Solar Power' today. (Photo Credit: Facebook/@Lorde)

  • Lorde released her third single, “Mood Ring” from her imminent new album Solar Power
  • The video was dropped on YouTube. 
  • In the lyrics of the song, Lorde talks about sun salutations and achieving one’s inner peace