#Space exploration

.New Delhi, Delhi, India
List of all the major astronomical events, which will take place in 2021 (Photo Credits: Unsplash)

  • The supermoon which will appear on May 26 was also called  as the Flower Moon by the Native Americans
  • The Total Lunar Eclipse will occur on May 26 
  • Perseids is going to be one of the best meteor showers to observe in 2021

.Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh, India
This is ISRO's first launch in 2021. (Photo Credit: Twitter/@ISRO)

  • The countdown for the launch of PSLV-C51 began on Saturday
  • It is the 53rd mission of PSLV
  • It has 18 co-passenger satellites

.Tennessee City, TN, USA
Hayley Arceneaux works as a physician’s assistant at the hospital where she was treated. (Photo credit: Twitter/@RickShadyac)

  • Hayley Arceneaux was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma at the age of 10
  • She was treated at Tennessee's St Jude Children’s Research Hospital
  • The 29-year old is the first person to go to space from St Jude

.Washington D.C., DC, USA
Picture released by NASA shows Perseverance rover before its landing on Mars. (Photo Credit: Twitter/@NASAPersevere)

  • NASA has released a 60-second recording of the sound from Mars
  • NASA's Perseverance rover captured the sound of a gust of wind
  • The US space agency also released a video of the rover's descent to the Martian surface

A total of 31 test flights for the helicopter are planned as of now. (Photo credit: Twitter/@NASAPersevere)

  • The Perseverance rover landed on Mars on Thursday, after travelling from Earth for more than six months
  • The Ingenuity helicopter has contacted Earth using NASA's Mars Reconaissance Orbiter (MRO)
  • The temperature on the planet's surface can dip down to  -130 degrees Farenheit

.Houston, TX, USA
Earth and Mars are about 140 million miles (225 million kilometres) away. (Photo credit: Twitter/@NASA)

  • NASA’s Artemis program is labelled as a ‘Moon to Mars’ mission
  • Acting administrator Steve Jurczyk remains hopeful about his 'mid-to-end of the 2030s' timeline
  • Funding-related uncertainties in Mars missions are a major problem

.Pasadena, CA, USA
The Perseverance Rover is equipped with a seven-foot long robotic arm, nine cameras, two microphones, and several instruments for exploration. (Photo credit: Twitter/@NASAPersevere)

  • In the image, a shadow of the rover is visible against the backdrop of the Martian landscape
  • US President Joe Biden hailed 'Science and American ingenuity' while  congratulating NASA
  • Perseverance has landed near the Jerezo crater located north of Mars' equator

Perseverance is NASA’s first mission that will search for microbial life on the red planet. (Photo Credit: NASA)

  • Perseverance is the most sophisticated rover to land on the surface of Mars on Thursday
  • The rover has been in space since July when it was launched from Cape Canaveral
  • The landing of Perseverance will take place at 3:55 pm ET

Scientific enquiry of the red planet began in earnest in the 17th century. (Photo Credit: Instagram/Screenshot from @nasa)

  • After seven months in space, NASA's Perseverance rover is due to land on Mars on Thursday
  • Mars exploration is to search for possible traces of past lifeforms
  • Scientists will also look for the essential chemical ingredients, including carbon, hydrogen

.Beijing, China
Tianwen-1 entered the orbit of Mars on Wednesday marking the latest development in China's highly ambitious space mission. (Photo credit: Representative image/Pixabay)

  • China's Mars mission was launched from southern China in July last year
  • Tianwen-1 is expected to touch the Mars in May
  •  China will become the first country to orbit, land and deploy a rover on Mars if Tianwen-1 makes the final landing