#West Bank Settlements

So far, more than three million people have received the first of the two Pfizer jabs. (Photo credit: AP)

  • This is Israel’s first attempt at stretching a helping hand to the Palestinians
  • WHO and UN have voiced concerns regarding the discrepancy between the two sides
  • Palestinians have not begun their inoculation drive, and were not available for comment

.Jerusalem, Israel
The 13 years old boy was allegedly shot in the stomach during a demonstration against Israeli settlements in the Mughayir vilage. (Photo credit: AFP/Representative of an Israeli soldier)

  • Thirteen-year-old Ali Ayman Nasr Abu Aliya was allegedly shot in the stomach 
  • He was shot near Ramallah during a demonstration against the Israeli settlements 
  • Israel Army denied using live rounds

.Jerusalem, Israel
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will also be visiting Golan Heights on Thursday-- a first of any top US official. (Photo Credit/

  • Israeli settler insists the wine he gifted to Pompeo was made on legal territory
  • The West Bank settlement, where Yaakov Berg's winery is located, is considered illegal by many countries
  • Pompeo had earlier said that the US will consider goods made in West Bank settlements as 'Made in Israel'