.New York, NY, USA
Employees are already coming to office at the bank’s headquarters at 1585 Broadway in Times Square, New York City. (Photo Credit: Representational Image/@MorganStanley)

  • CEO James Gorman said more New York employees should return to office as life is getting back to normal
  • "If you can go to a restaurant in New York City, you can come into the office," he said
  • Employees shouldn’t expect to receive their New York salaries if they work remotely, he said

.New Delhi, Delhi, India
Mental health includes emotional, psychological and social well being. (Photo Credit-Representative image/Unsplash)

  • A rising trend has been seen in the number of men seeking emotional counselling
  • This trend has been seen by the counsellors as an effect of work from home
  • Professionals continue to work from home due to the second wave of the pandemic

.New Delhi, Delhi, India
Work from home has made virtual meetings an indispensable part of our lives. (Photo credit: Unsplash)

  • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, work from home has become the new normal
  • This has made Zoom, Skype and other services important part of our lives
  • Grooming is very important to look camera-ready for online meetings

Facebook announces remote work as a permanent option for its employees. (Photo Credit: Representational/Unsplash)

  • Any employee whose job can be done remotely can work that way permanently, says Facebook 
  • The announcement made by Facebook will come in effect from June 15 
  • Facebook recently began reopening its offices after a yearlong pandemic shutdown

.Cupertino, CA, USA
In a letter, Apple employees said the changes to the firm’s location-flexibility policies have “already forced" some of them to quit. (Photo Credit: Unsplash)

  • Tim Cook had sent out a memo, asking employees to return to office for three days a week
  • Employees will be required to come to office on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, starting in September
  • Cook said that he missed “the hum of activity” of employees in the office, and he knew “I’m not alone”

Create a habit of getting out the chair every hour and do few minutes of movement. (Photo credit: Representational image/Unsplash)

  • After WFH culture, a normal daily schedule has you sitting still for hours at a time
  • Use additional time to do an easy 3-minutes exercise
  • Take a break from a long period of sitting with little exercises to boost your health & fitness

.London, UK
As work from home continues, the overlapping of professional and personal life has never been more obvious than right now. (Representational/Unsplash)

  • UK's union Prospect is urging the government to introduce a “right to disconnect”
  • They say it is necessary to “protect employees' health” in the post-COVID landscape
  • A recent poll showed that one in three individuals had difficulty “switching off” since WFH 

Work-from-home during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has been the new normal across companies. (Photo Credit: Representative Image/Unsplash)

  • Portia Twidt, from the US, said that minutes after her return to the office, she decided to quit her job 
  • Only around 28% of the office workers in the US are back to their offices, says a study
  • A survey showed 39% would consider quitting their jobs if their employer's were not flexible about remote work

.New Delhi, Delhi, India
The outbreak of coronavirus has led towhole new set of dilemmas, and work from home is one of them. ( Photo credits: Unsplash)

  • Work from home has led to the replacement of formal outfits with casual clothes
  • Working professionals have embraced comfort over style in the last year due to the pandemic
  • Cargo pants are easy to wear and stylish at the same time

.Geneva, Switzerland
Working more than 55 hours a week increases the risk of death from heart disease and stroke showed a United Nations study released on Monday. (Photo Credit: Representative Image/Unsplash)

  • Working more than 55 hours a week increases the risk of death from heart disease and stroke
  • The joint study by WHO and International Labour Organisation came on Monday
  • The report comes as the COVID-19 pandemic accelerates workplace changes to work longer hours