Donald Trump has subtly hinted at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) on Sunday that he may run for the 2024 US Presidential elections. 

He attacked President Joe Biden and repeated his claims of winning the 2020 election in his first major public appearance since leaving the Oval House six weeks ago.

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The former President also said that Biden has had the worst first month any president has ever had in US history. 

"Who knows, I may even decide to beat them(Democrats) for a third time," Trump says amid huge applause from the crowd, implying that he won the 2020 US Presidential elections, in which President Biden emerged victorious.

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Trump has been impeached twice. Most recently he has been blamed for inciting violence. The January 6 Capitol riots which left five dead majorly escalated the chances of Trump to be impeached for the second time as the mob consisted of "MAGA" supporters.

The conservative conference in Orlando has been a clear indication of Trump still being favoured by the Republicans and will likely be at the forefront of the party nominations for the 2024 elections of he decided to contest the elections again. This year, many Republicans have made speeches ahead of the former president's address embracing lies about the 2020 Presidential election.