It tells the narrative of Choi Hyung In (Yoo Jae Myung), a detective who is looking into a string of odd killings, and Jo Jung Hyun (Han Ye Ri), a mother who is looking for her stolen niece. They become involved with a terrible terrorist named Jo Kyung Ho as they try to unearth buried mysteries (Um Tae Goo)

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The drama's eponymous "Hometown" is Saju, which was the site of a terrible terrorist gas attack in 1987, in which Choi Hyung In lost his wife. Jo Kyung Ho, whose daughter, Jo Jae Young (Lee Re), was kidnapped in 1999, was the perpetrator.

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Choi Hyung In, Jo Jung Hyun, and Jo Kyung Ho are in the centre of the relationship chart. Choi Hyung In is a member of the violent crimes division's first squad of inspectors. His wife is Im Se Yoon (Kim Sae Byuk), and his father-in-law is Im In Kwan (Choi Kwang Il). Choi Hyung In's colleague in the Mobile Investigation Unit, Lee Si Jung (Jo Bok Rae), is a sergeant in the same squad and division as Choi Hyung In. The violent crimes section is led by Yang Won Taek (Song Young Chang).

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Choi Hyung In is said to have a "interview" connection with Son Ji Seung (Tae In Ho), a special prosecutor assigned by the Busan District Public Prosecutors' Office, which has sparked speculation as to what they could have discussed.

In a Korean-Chinese restaurant, Jo Jung Hyun works as the main cook. She is Jo Kyung Ho's sister, a well-known terrorist who is now serving a life term in jail. He has a daughter named Jo Jae Young, who is now being raised by Jo Jung Hyun. Jo Jae Young is a Kyeongcheon Girls' Middle School student. Jung Kyung Sook (Park Mi Hyun), who runs the restaurant, and Kim Hwan Gyu (Kim Sin Bi), who distributes the meal, are Jo Jung Hyun's coworkers.

Jo Jung Hyun's old classmates from Kyeongcheon High School, who all worked on the school magazine together, are also represented on the chart.