In a perplexing turn of events, Chandler Jones, a star player for the Raiders, took to social media to share a 25-minute video on X (formerly Twitter), where he touched upon his former teammate, the late Aaron Hernandez, and the team’s coach, Josh McDaniels.

During the emotional video, Jones suggested that there might be more to Aaron Hernandez’s tragic demise in prison than initially believed. He cryptically stated, “Y’all don’t know what Josh McDaniels really did to Aaron Hernandez. … Y’all thought Aaron Hernandez killed himself in jail,” before breaking down and abruptly ending the stream.

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Jones and Hernandez were once teammates on the New England Patriots, with McDaniels serving as the team’s offensive coordinator.

It’s important to note that Aaron Hernandez, who had been convicted of murder, was found dead in his prison cell in 2017 in an apparent suicide.

Jones’ recent social media activity has raised concerns. He has been away from the Raiders and has used platforms like X and Instagram to make a series of alarming claims. One of his recent assertions was that he was involuntarily admitted to a mental hospital and administered an unknown substance by the Las Vegas Fire Department.

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The video commences in darkness, with Jones stating that he is outside his Las Vegas residence, emphasizing his eagerness to continue playing for the Raiders.

In the video, Jones also veers into other unconventional claims, including suggesting that certain players, like Larry Fitzgerald, are being controlled after retirement. He posited, “I think it’s these owners… Larry, whatever s—t he got going on, he’s being controlled by somebody.”

What initially seemed to be a dispute over gym access has taken a concerning turn. Jones has also made assertions about players being injected with fluoride and controversially stated that CTE, a neurodegenerative disease linked to repeated head injuries, “doesn’t exist.”

In a subsequent tweet, Jones announced his intention to take a hiatus from social media and remove the video from the platform. With 11 years of experience in the league, Jones has played for the Arizona Cardinals and the Raiders, establishing himself as a prominent figure in the NFL.