Juan Manuel Padilla, a judge from Colombia, has admitted to using the Artificial Intelligence (AI) application ChatGPT to prepare a judgment related to a case of a child’s medical rights, AFP has reported.

In court, Padilla declared that he used ChatGPT in a case involving a demand to exclude a child with autism from paying fees for consultations, therapy, and transportation, due to his parents’ modest income.

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Who is Juan Manuel Padilla?

Juan Manuel Padilla is a judge from Colombia who used OpenAI’s application ChatGPT to prepare judgment in a case.

Speaking to Blu Radio – a local radio station, Padilla said that applications like ChatGPT and other AI-based apps can be used to “facilitate the drafting of texts” but “not with the aim of replacing” actual judges.

The AFP report states that while ruling in favor of the autistic child, Padilla mentioned in his judgment that he used the AI application. But he did not mention to what extent he used it and for what purpose.

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Defending his use of the application, Padilla said: “by asking questions to the application we do not stop being judges, thinking beings.”

ChatGPT is a chatbot developed by the American AI company OpenAI. It uses AI and data on the internet to pose answers to questions that users ask on chat.

It was released as a prototype in n November 30, 2022, and gained notoriety for its thorough responses and well-written comments in a variety of domains. OpenAI was valued at $29 billion after ChatGPT’s release.

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Padilla said that he asked the bot: “Is autistic minor exonerated from paying fees for their therapies?” to which it replied: “Yes, this is correct. According to the regulations in Colombia, minors diagnosed with autism are exempt from paying fees for their therapies.”