A morning shooting that started in an Alabama nightclub and continued as victims were being taken to a nearby hospital left two women dead and numerous others injured.

According to witnesses, a Chevrolet Tahoe pulled up in front of the University of Alabama at Birmingham hospital before 2:30 am on Monday with people inside requesting medical attention for the initial shooting victims.

As they cried out for assistance, a car drew up behind the SUV and started firing. A hospital room window was broken, and a neighbouring police car was struck by the shooting.

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The nightclub was where all of those injured were shot. In addition to the two fatalities, three other people were hurt, according to the AL.com.

The shooting is being looked into as a double homicide, according to the police. The culprits are still at large and there have been no arrests. The sole Level 1 Trauma Centre in Alabama is located at the university hospital.

Just five minutes from the hospital, at the Aria Restaurant & Lounge, the initial gunshot took place.

Labour Day Rehab Sunday was taking place at the time of the incident, according to the club’s Instagram page.

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In an interview with AL.com, a witness compared the gunshots to “iron pipes hitting.”

The two women are the 90th and 91st victims of a homicide to have occurred in Birmingham thus far in 2023.

Shots were heard outside the building, and Tehreem Khan, a media specialist at UAB, verified to CBS station WIAT that the emergency room at UAB Hospital was put on lockdown. It is unknown if the lockdown has been lifted after that time.

No suspects have yet been located or detained.

The shooting is being looked into.