Bam Margera, a television celebrity and stunt performer, turned himself in on April 23, 2023, following the issuance of an arrest warrant.

Margera had to appear before a district judge, who ordered her bail at $50,000. Margera made a post on Instagram after his court appearance disputing his brother’s assertions and adding: “The reason this happened is because I read his phone saying he wants me back in California and he wants to find a way to 302 me. F*ck him.”

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If it is determined that a person is dangerous to himself or to others, the court may issue a 302. A person may be compelled to enter a psychiatric hospital or treatment center for up to 120 days, and the stay may be longer.

Margera has been in hot water for quite some time; here’s an explanation of all charges leveled against him-

Bam Margera assaulted his brother and father

According to reports, Bam Margera assaulted his brother and father.

Bam Margera allegedly got into a fight with his brother Jesse, who was smacked in the face by Bam. The complaint also named Bam’s father as a victim. According to the lawsuit, Jesse was in his bedroom when Bam began repeatedly knocking on the door.

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As Jesse was leaving his room, he discovered a handwritten message from Bam that read:

“If you even f*cking think of calling the police on me I will officially f*ck you up.”

Jesse then noticed Bam urinating in the kitchen sink and was attacked by his brother. According to the lawsuit, Jesse was hit in the eye, nose, and ear. During the argument, Bam allegedly grabbed Jesse’s right arm.

Margera escaped before cops arrived, but anyone with information on his whereabouts is asked to call 610-268-2022.

Bam Margera was detained twice last month

Bam Margera was detained in March 2023 on suspicion of assaulting an unnamed woman during a domestic dispute. He was arrested and taken to the Vista Detention Facility on charges of causing corporal injury to a spouse, a person he was dating at the time, or a partner, but he was freed the following day after posting $50,000 bail.

Margera was detained once more in Burbank, California, for allegedly causing a disturbance inside a restaurant while intoxicated. The eatery also housed his estranged wife and son.

Police got a report of a disturbance, and when the officers arrived at the scene, they found Margera fighting with another woman, according to law enforcement sources.

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Several reports claimed that Bam was arrested for misdemeanor public intoxication because he was unable to care for himself when the police arrived.

Even though Bam Margera sued his Jackass co-stars in August 2021, alleging that they terminated his employment on the set of Jackass Forever, the lawsuit was later dismissed as a result of a confidential settlement. The settlement’s conditions, however, were kept secret.

Bam is recognized for his roles in the Jackass movies. He has also performed in productions including The Dudesons, Bam’s Unholy Union, Loiter Squad, and others. He has also presented a number of occasions, including the MTV Video Music Awards.