In a shocking incident on Thursday night, a collision between a tour bus and an MTA bus in Manhattan resulted in at least 40 reported injuries, with two individuals in critical condition. The incident occurred at the intersection of 1st Avenue and East 23rd Street near Peter Cooper Village.

Video footage capturing the aftermath of the collision has emerged, providing a glimpse into the chaos and severity of the incident.

According to the Fire Department, paramedics and emergency responders are currently treating the people injured at the scene. Eyewitnesses describe a double-decker tour bus rear-ending and then colliding with an MTA X27 express bus that was traversing the intersection.

While reports suggest that the MTA bus was crowded with passengers at the time of the accident, the MTA has not yet confirmed this information or provided updates on the condition of its driver.

Swift response from numerous police and FDNY units allowed for immediate assistance and prompt transportation of the victims to nearby hospitals.

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As investigations into the cause of the collision begin, authorities are urging caution and emphasizing the importance of road safety to prevent such accidents in the future.

The incident serves as a reminder of the need for vigilance and adherence to traffic regulations to ensure the safety of all commuters on the busy streets of New York City.