A terrible incident occurred in Ohio after the collision of a semi-truck with a charter bus transporting high school kids that left fifteen people injured and four confirmed deaths. The collision, which was classified as a “mass casualty incident, level 3,” happened east of Columbus, close to the Smoke Road underpass.

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At about 8:15 a.m., there was a collision that resulted in multiple injuries. Those injured were sent to adjacent hospitals for immediate medical attention. The bus in question was transporting fifty-seven band students from Tuscarawas Valley Schools, which are located around forty-three miles south of Akron and 120 miles northeast of Columbus. 

Derek Varansky, the superintendent of the school system, verified the incident’s involvement with kids on Tuesday. Sections of I-70 at State Route 310 and westbound at State Route 158 were closed as a result of the collision. 

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Two hours after the accident, two school buses arrived at the crash scene with police escorts. A few dozen survivors of the collision boarded the buses and were removed from the scene after about twenty minutes.

Gov. Mike DeWine in a statement after the incident said, “This is our worst nightmare when we have a bus full of children involved in a crash. Our hearts go out and prayers to all the families, all those who were on the bus, everyone who was involved in the accident.”

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I-70 was closed at State Route 310 in the east and State Route 158 in the west, both close to Kirkersville. Between the two exits, U.S. 40 and State Route 204 operated as detour routes, running parallel to I-70, while traffic was rerouted to the designated exit. It was expected that the closure would last until Tuesday afternoon.

Following the event, traffic camera footage showed a significant number of emergency personnel and at least one fire on the roadway, which is located about 26 miles east of Downtown Columbus.