Memphis, Tennessee mourns the tragic loss of Casino Jizzle, a rising star in the local rap scene.

With his untimely death, fans and music enthusiasts alike are left grappling with the unanswered questions surrounding his life, career, and the circumstances of his passing.

Real Name

Casino Jizzle’s real name was Robert Tunstall.

Cause of Death

The promising rap artist met a tragic fate when he was reportedly shot in his hometown of Memphis, marking a recurring involvement in violent crime for the artist. His baby mother took to facebook to reveal that he has passed away.

Previously, he was the victim of a shooting outside a Chuck E. Cheese restaurant in Cordova in 2019, where he was critically injured and hospitalized.

Details surrounding the incident are still under investigation, leaving friends, family, and fans searching for answers and mourning the untimely loss of a talented individual.

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Casino Jizzle was 27 years old at the time of his death.

Net Worth

A Rising Star’s Financial Journey While specific details about Casino Jizzle’s net worth are not readily available, it is important to acknowledge his growing prominence within the music industry. Through his music, performances, and potential business ventures, Casino Jizzle had begun carving a path to financial success and recognition.

Career and Rise to Fame

Casino Jizzle emerged from the streetz of Memphis, already commanding respect and recognition. When he made the decision to pursue music seriously, his popularity soared. Songs like “City Girls,” “4x4Real,” and “We Da Opps” solidified his status as an influential artist, and he quickly developed a devoted and cult-like fanbase.


Casino Jizzle’s impact as an artist cannot be overstated. He became one of the most influential artists from Memphis, with a strong presence in the Mid-South music scene. Known for his lyrical wordplay and captivating stage presence, he attracted millions of listeners and viewers.

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His music garnered almost 10 million streams on Apple Music alone, with over 46 million views on his music videos. In total, his work amassed over 56 million streams, a testament to his talent and appeal.