Police officials have identified Kimbrady Carriker as the alleged shooter in the terrible Philadelphia mass shooting. The incident claimed the lives of five people and injured two children.

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According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, Kimbrady Carriker was apprehended shortly after the shooting rampage that took place in the Kingsessing neighborhood of the city on the eve of the Fourth of July holiday.

Who is Kimbrady Carriker?

Kimbrady Carriker is a resident of Philadelphia. He is 40 years old. As per media reports, Carriker is a transgender and a Black Lives Matter activist. Police officials have recently arrested Carriker for his involvement in the Philadelphia mass shooting.

Five males, aged from 16 to 59, tragically died as a result of the shooting incident. Four hours later, a man came home to find his 31-year-old son dead in the living room from multiple gunshot wounds. He was one of the victims. Lashyd Merritt (20), Dymir Stanton (29), Ralph Moralis (59), Daujan Brown (15), and Joseph Wamah, Jr. (31) have been named as the five victims.

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The names of the two kids who were shot in the legs during the event have not been released. In addition, shattering glass injured a 33-year-old woman and a 2-year-old boy, who were both listed in stable condition.

Tina Rosette who shared a home with Carriker on Belmar Terrace in 2021 was shocked to learn that he had been named a suspect in the shooting. According to Rosette, who spoke with the Philadelphia Inquirer, Carriker was considered as being very brilliant, imaginative, and knowledgeable about computer programming.

Rosette acknowledged that Carriker had a propensity for an aggressive manner in some situations, despite the fact that she had never seen him with a gun in his possession.

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However, Cianni, the 24-year-old daughter of Rosette, revealed that she had personally seen Carriker’s handgun and acknowledged that he made efforts to familiarize her with firearms, Daily Mail reported.