As news reports came of former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie running for US Presidential Elections in 2024 and announcing the nomination in the coming days, Twitter was immediately flooded with memes and sarcastic tweets as Christie was heavily trolled.

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Chris Christie, who was once considered a leading figure in the Republican Party, is considering running for president, which has many internet users laughing. The internet was bombarded with memes, satirical posts, and clever one-liners as people seized the chance to ridicule the former governor’s aspirations for political office.

With the US Presidential Elections around the corner, many politicians are coming forward to announce their nomination, but the reactions Christie received say a lot. The possibility of Christie throwing his hat into the ring has kindled a wave of humorous reactions and sarcastic comments across social media platforms.

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Between 2010 and 2018, Christie handled as governor of New Jersey for two terms. He is anticipated to be one of former American President Donald Trump’s main Republican opponents when he runs for office again in 2024, but the news of him running for the election conveys altogether a different story.

As the news went viral, Twitter users took no time to spare Christie as one user posted a picture with a tweet, “LEAKED: A photo of every single human supporting Chris Christie”.

While another user said, “Chris Christie is a Laughing Stock.”

Though, some expressed their anger, as one person said, “chris christie is obviously out there trying to clean up his tarnished image, but we know better. Right chris? Both you, and ted cruz are trump’s lackeys. Sorry ass excuse for humans!”.