A suspected shooting has occurred at the Chuck E Cheese, in Brandon, Florida, as per internet reports. Authorities arrived after reports of shots being fired, said RawsAlerts, an outlet providing breaking news across the US. They stated that at least three people were taken to the hospital, but more are possibly injured.

The video shows cop cars in front of the Chuck E Cheese, with a woman’s voice audible saying they drove through the establishment trying to hit somebody. 

Chuck E. Cheese, in an emailed statement to OPOYI, stated: “We are aware of the incident that occurred on Saturday, September 24, at our Brandon, FL location, where a vehicle crashed into our storefront.  We want to assure our guests that we take great measures to protect the experience children and families have in our venues. The safety of our guests and employees is our number one priority.”

“The General Manager onsite and our team members acted quickly to alert local authorities and secure medical attention for those involved.  We are thankful for the dedicated service of community law enforcement and the swift actions of our alert team members and security. We are cooperating with the police during their ongoing investigation and cannot offer additional details at this time,” the statement read. 

The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office responded, saying “at least one shot was fired outside of the facility. There is NO active shooter. No shooting victims were located. This is an active investigation with more details forthcoming”.

“Damn they shooting in Chuck E. Cheese that’s crazy”, an individual tweeted.

Another added, “y’all sitting there shooting up the chuck e cheese my f**king friend work at, let sum be wrong w her ima hurt sb”.

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The individual threatened to hurt the shooters if her friend, who they claim works there, is hurt. 

One person on Twitter questioned, “So what did they gain by shooting up Chuck E. Cheese ?”

Another individual chimed in, “I go to Chuck E. Cheese for my brother an y’all shooting like why”.

A person tagged the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office, asking “What is going on in Brandon at the Chuck e Cheese?”

While not much else is known about the situation at this time, one individual on Twitter spoke of heavy police presence, as well as medical emergency services at the Brandon outlet of the kid-friendly chain. 

“There’s like 50 sheriff’s deputies and at least 5 ambulances at the Chuck E. Cheese in Brandon. Y’all check on your people”, the individual said. 

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In the absence of an official statement from Chuck E Cheese, an individual tagged them in a tweet asking about the shooting. “what’s with the shooting at your store in Brandon?”

Another person lamented that children cannot be safe anywhere, since Chuck E Cheese is popular with kids because of the arcade games and play zones. 

Chuck E Cheese outlets have seen previous incidents of gun violence, like the Indianapolis shooting earlier this year. However, one of the most fatal instances has to be the 1993 shooting at Aurora, Colorado’s Chuck E Cheese, which left four employees dead and a fifth seriously injured.

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