Comedian Dave Chappelle was attacked by an armed man on stage at Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, on Tuesday night. 

Videos doing the rounds on social media show Chappelle performing on stage when a man rushes at him and tackles him to the floor. The man is then taken away by the security at the venue. 

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The LAPD told NBC News Los Angeles that they had arrested a man in connection with the incident and that he was armed with a replica gun “that can eject a knife blade” when discharged correctly. Chappelle was not injured in the incident and it wasn’t clear why the man attacked the comedian. 

Meanwhile, US reporter Sharon Carpenter took to social media to share her account of the incident. 

“He was finishing up his performance when a man ran on-stage and lunged at him knocking him to the floor. Security and his entourage then cornered the man as Dave joked about him getting ‘stomped’ backstage,” she wrote. 

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According to Daily Mail, comedian Chris Rock took to the stage after the incident and asked “Was that Will Smith?”, in a dig at the actor who slapped Rock on stage at the Oscars this year.

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Chappelle is a renowned American stand-up comedian who has received five Emmy Awards and three Grammy Awards as well as the Mark Twain Prize. He was ranked No. 9 in Rolling Stone’s “50 Best Stand Up Comics of All Time” in 2017. 

Tuesday’s event was attended by big names like Pete Davidson, Snoop Dogg, Seth Rogan and Bill Burr.