Louis CK has been nominated in the Best Comedy Album category for the 65th Grammy Awards. The comedian has been living a quiet life since the 2017 sexual misconduct allegations against him came to light. However, the ironically titled special by CK, Sorry, has now been acknowledged by the Recording Academy, which means that the “cancelled” comedian is now officially back in mainstream media.

CK was nominated in the category last year as well, and even ended up winning it for his special, Sincerely Louis CK.

CK’s nomination, wins and other successes post the allegations of sexual misconduct by several women were both anticipated by conservative media personality Ben Shapiro, who had earlier said, “Louis CK is hilarious. Thus he will continue to survive and thrive. Your whining will change none of this.”

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The Recording Academy has a history of letting the art speak for itself, and that is why it has often gone against popular opinion and included controversial artists in its nominees. At the turn of the millennium, when Eminem was being targeted for his controversial lyrics that many described as misogynistic and violent, the Academy did not hesitate to include him among its nominees.

Despite the naysayers, Eminem’s first and second albums with Aftermath Records, namely The Slim Shady LP and The Marshall Mathers LP, ended up winning the Grammy Award for Best Rap Album in two successive years.

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Louis CK is not the only controversial artist to have been nominated at this year’s Grammy Awards. Dave Chappelle, whose comments against transgender people had triggered a protest within Netflix’s office, has also been nominated in the same category as CK. Chappelle has been nominated for his comedy special, The Closer, the very special that had triggered the controversy. When the Netflix employees protested, Ted Sarandos, the company’s CEO, defended Chappelle and his right to artistic expression.

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The Grammy Awards are scheduled to be held on February 5, 2023. If Chappelle manages to bag the Best Comedy Album Award, he might be booed by a certain section of the audience, as they did to Eminem at the 2002 MTV Video Music Awards, where he won in four categories.