Cobb County elementary schools in the US conducted a ‘Sneak a Peek’ session on Thursday. The event was followed by families receiving notifications that they might have come into contact with someone with COVID. 

Teasley and King Springs Elementary schools were notified that many families that visited on Thursday tested positive for COVID

Attendees of the event told FOX 5 that many were without the masks during the event. “None of the students at his school are age-eligible,” Cobb County parent Mindy Seger told FOX 5. “So none of our youngest learners have that strongest layer of protection so we have to do other things that we can do for them.” Mindy’s son took his kindergarten classes virtually for a year. “He needs that full emergence school environment but he also needs to do that safely,” said Mindy. 

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She further added that it was shocking to see very few teachers wearing masks, let alone the families. The memo that was sent out to the families urged everyone to be “diligent in monitoring your children every day for symptoms”.

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“When I walked in on Thursday I was shocked,” said another Cobb County parent Cherish Burnham. “I said something to an administrator, several teachers.” She revealed that she had written to the superintendent and some school board members out of concern. Mom to triplets, she had withdrawn her children from virtual learning classes to be homeschooled last year. “That’s one of the silver linings. I love our teachers! I can not homeschool them. I love their classrooms and I love their teachers … I can’t give that up,” said Burnham.