After a series of cases relating to gun violence and arms control in the US being reported in the last few weeks, the notion to address the issue seems to be taking priority amongst Democrat Senators. 

The recent shootings at Virginia Beach triggered a response from Tim Klaine, a Democratic Senator from the state, who condemned the incident on Twitter and called for swift action to resolve the issue. 

He wrote, “I feel sick at the news of yet another senseless mass shooting — in a community already scarred by the scourge of gun violence.  My heart is with Virginia Beach today. We cannot stand by as more families lose loved ones. The time for Congress to act on gun violence is NOW.”

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Two parallel shooting incidents at Virginia Beach on Friday left at least 10 people injured, out of which two died. However, according to the initial statements given by the law enforcement authorities, the two shootings do not seem to be linked to each other. 

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A “physical altercation” between the two armed groups, who were present at Atlantic Avenue, quickly escalated as they exchanged gunfire and triggered a chaotic situation in the area. The violent outburst resulted in the death of one person, while leaving eight people wounded, reported CNN.

The fatal shot was fired by a uniformed officer of the police department, who spot “an armed citizen”. 

While responding to the first incident at the beach, officers heard another set of gunshots nearby, where a woman was found dead. Even though the second shooting still being investigated, preliminary statements given by the police hint that the two shootouts were not connected, reported NBC.

Paul Neudigate, the chief of the Virginia Police Department said that the violent episode looks like “a separate shooting incident that we’re still trying to piece together.”