According to, Jeffrey Epstein’s girlfriend, who spoke to him just hours before he passed away, also paid the pedophile a visit a few days previously.

The person the disgraced banker had last spoken to on the phone from behind bars, the day before he was discovered hanged in his cell on August 10, 2019, was identified as Karyna Shuliak in March 2020.

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However, jail documents obtained by now show that Shuliak, a native of Belarus thought to be in her thirties, visited the late pedophile while he was awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges at the harsh Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan on July 30.

She most certainly would have met Epstein in the infamous Special Housing Unit (SHU) of the now-closed MCC, where detainees were held in their cells for as much as 22 hours each day.

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The source claimed that the seven-year relationship between the pair appeared to be “very serious.”

In fact, the insider claimed that Epstein had such a soft spot for the considerably younger woman that the evening before he passed away, he even asked his attorneys to leave so he could call her.

More than 4,000 pages of reports, emails, and other documents pertaining to Epstein’s stay in pre-trial custody are included in the prison records from his suicide that were made available as a result of a FOIA request.

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A ‘Karina Shaliak’—a misreading of her name—was admitted to the MCC on July 30 at 5:15 p.m. to see Epstein, with all other visitors being attorneys. On the log, Epstein’s first name was similarly misspelled as Jeffry.

Ten days later, Epstein was finishing his last full day alive and was meeting with his attorneys ahead of his final phone call. 

According to the source: ‘Everyone had to leave the room because he was so eager to get on the phone.

‘If he didn’t use the phone right then he would miss his window so the meeting ended abruptly and he went to use the phone and the lawyers all left.’