US President Joe Biden and Donald Trump apparently trolled Ron DeSantis in real-time after the Florida Governor and Elon Musk’s Twitter Space crashed on Wednesday.

DeSantis announced his run for the GOP Primaries, against Trump, and the 2024 Presidential elections. He and Musk then hosted a Twitter Space. However, the online forum kept crashing, users complained.

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Meanwhile, Trump released a video on social media.

Furthermore, Trump posted another video on Instagram mocking DeSantis’ Twitter Space discussion.

Biden posted a link for his followers to donate to his campaign. The President’s tweet read: “This link works”.

The tweet was posted as audio problems plagued the conversation in which DeSantis was supposed to discuss his brand-new campaign with Twitter CEO Elon Musk. Thousands of people had gathered on Twitter Spaces to listen to DeSantis and Musk’s scheduled discussion.

However, the audio frequently dropped out, making it impossible to hear anyone for longer than a few seconds at a time. At one point, the conversation’s moderator, David Sacks, was heard complaining that the volume of listeners was “melting the servers.”

Musk acknowledged the issues once the Twitter Spaces event finally got up and running. “You can tell by some of the mistakes that this is real,” he said.

Rivals of DeSantis had already questioned the governor’s decision to make his announcement on Twitter Spaces, and they quickly and widely made fun of the launch’s problems.