A letter from prominent Jewish and human rights leaders requesting that the former president remove himself from West and Nick Fuentes is currently making the rounds. “I’ve seen it, and I do not care,” a Trump adviser replies.

Republican Jewish leaders, activists, and steadfast GOP supporters are mounting a covert pressure campaign to persuade Donald Trump to denounce and reject musician Kanye West, who has been both his political backer and sporadic friend. And it is not working.

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This multifaceted — and thus far unsuccessful — attempt to persuade Trump to condemn West comes in the wake of the former president’s “Nazi” Mar-a-Lago dinner with the anti-Semitism-spreading, Hitler-praising West and fascist youth leader Nick Fuentes last month, according to three sources with knowledge of the situation.

High-profile Conservative pro-Israel donors and Jewish Trump backers have vehemently requested a meeting with the former president. Some people have been able to speak with Trump on the phone, only to be informed that he has apparently done everything he can and has already done a lot “for the Jewish people” and Israel. One of the people who spoke to Trump recalls, Rolling Stone reported, “I begged him, and it didn’t work…as expected.”

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Others have frantically attempted to contact Jared Kushner, the Jewish son-in-law of Trump and a former senior White House adviser, but have not received a response. And while a small number of prominent Jewish supporters and associates of Trump have denounced the former president’s dinner with West and Fuentes, a significantly greater number have remained silent. Some are afraid of Trump’s reprisal, while others are afraid of losing access, particularly if he wins the White House back in 2025.

However, according to various copies and modifications examined by Rolling Stone, they reported a loose network of anti-genocide activists, Jewish Republicans, and other Jewish figures and leaders have been sharing a draft letter that several of them aim to give to Trump soon. Though many engaged with the project are aware of the pervasive worries of crossing Trump, organisers are hopeful that a critical mass of receivers, particularly pro-Trump conservatives, end up signing.

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“Please condemn Kanye, Fuentes, and all of their ilk who claim to be your supporters and admirers. Pledge publicly never again to grant them a meeting or a platform until they apologize for, and utterly repudiate, their vile hate and antisemitism, or risk losing the admiration of those Jews who heretofore have been so grateful for your having stood with Israel and the Jewish people in their hour of need. Failure on your part to condemn Ye, Fuentes, and all who share their vile ideology and who call themselves part of your base, will inevitably provoke a widespread and irrevocable repudiation of your candidacy and your legacy. The world is watching, Mr. President, as is a grateful Jewish community, along with your beloved children and grandchildren. The time to act is now,” a part of the draft letter reads, Rolling Stone reported.

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Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, a prominent media figure and a longtime participant in conservative pro-Israel circles, is one of the letter’s major co-authors. The rabbi claims that Trump was “incredibly pro-Trump, [though] only on Israel,” and that he was the “greatest friend Israel ever had in the White House.”

With several members of Trump’s closest circle and some of the former president’s most ardent supporters, Boteach has maintained tight ties. But in recent years, the rabbi has been more and more critical of Trump and his MAGA allies, particularly in regard to the widespread authoritarian election-denialism in the mainstream GOP.

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Boteach now refers to the letter as a “declaration,” after previously referring to it as a “ultimatum” to Trump. As of Wednesday, the ex-president still hadn’t received the final, signed copy of the letter, but according to a source with knowledge of the situation, several Trump advisers have already received it.

Trumpland is indicating that it won’t have a significant impact: One of Trump’s advisers said, “I’ve seen it, and I do not care.”

According to a version of the letter addressed to Trump, “you certainly knew that Kanye West had been on a weeks-long diabolical campaign against Jewry, essentially describing our community publicly as leaches, bloodsuckers, and parasites…We cannot comprehend why you have been utterly silent about your dinner guest, whom you personally defended after being criticized and who praised the man who murdered six million Jews. As you know, Hitler would have, God forbid, murdered your own Jewish daughter, son-in-law, and grandchildren, so why would give his supporters the time of day, let alone a seat quite literally at your table.”

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Since the now-famous dinner, a few of Trump’s erstwhile associates and administration staffers have openly condemned the former president’s choice. Many prominent Republicans, like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who is likely to challenge Trump in the 2024 Republican primary, have either chosen to keep their mouths shut or chosen to avoid upsetting the party’s leader by not criticising him. When a Jewish fan of Trump publicly criticised him over the West/Fuentes meal, Trump would reply in private by denouncing the critic as unjust and disloyal.

This objection is addressed in the draft letter, which states, “Your unstinting support for Israel does not in any way excuse your breaking bread with would-be Nazis.”

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Trump did eventually publicly disparage West as “a really unstable man, who happens to be black” around the end of last month. Trump was upset with West for being impolite to him, not because the well-known musician had embraced fascism or anti-Semitism.

The letter is still being passed around informally among human rights activists, Jewish Republican supporters, and former president’s contributors, claims Boteach. He claims that “some former leaders of AIPAC” have also received a copy and are waiting for permission to sign. The rabbi said in a phone interview: Not one major supporter of the president has told me not to circulate this letter, and there was one who said they could not sign it, but would call the former president directly to express their strong feelings on the subject.”

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“To those who have been making personal appeals to Trump to denounce Kanye West, including personal friends of mine, I ask: Has the Jewish community really been reduced to begging a former president to distance himself from Hitler-praising neo-Nazis? Have we no self-respect? … If Trump cannot condemn a Hitler-praising dinner guest, then he gets nothing, and the pro-Israel community must move on,” Boteach adds.