After being suspended from Twitter once more last week for sharing a picture of a swastika, Kanye West, now going by Ye, posted his most bizarre and racially charged statement on Instagram on Sunday, December 4. In it, the rapper questioned Twitter CEO Elon Musk’s ancestry and suggested he may be a “genetic hybrid.”

“Am I the only one who thinks Elon could be half-Chinese?” West questioned. “Have you ever seen his pics as a child?” It was unclear what West was referring to when he questioned the ethnicity of Musk, the billionaire entrepreneur of Space X and Tesla, who was born in South Africa to a Canadian mother and a South African father.

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The racially offensive remark from the discredited MC, whose formerly enormous music and fashion portfolio has plummeted since he started a now month-long binge of spewing antisemitic and racist comments, continued with another odd assumption regarding Musk’s genetic make-up.

“Take a Chinese genius and mate them with a South African super model and we have an elon,” he added. “I say an Elon because they probably made 10 to 30 Elon’s and he’s the first genetic hybrid that stuck.” 

Musk, whose chaotic reign at the top of the Twitter org chart has resulted in the departure of some notable users and the re-platforming of accounts that support white nationalism and neo-nazi causes as well as former president Donald Trump treated the West post as the kind of edgelord provocation he enjoys.

“I take that as a compliment!” Musk reacted to the apparent praise for the unconventional billionaire who has long been fascinated by artificial intelligence and pushing the boundaries of the human body.

“Let’s not forget about Obama,” West said as a further aggressive remark. By adding, “I’m sorry for using curse words in church but I don’t have another word for Obama yet,” the latter doubled down on addressing the former president, though it was unclear what he was referring to at the time of publication. Ye’s second presidential run received a promotion at the end of the post.

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In the comment to his Instagram post, West wrote, “On Jay Zs birthday Future president of the United States Ye uses Mark Zuckerberg’s platform to incite a mass investigation of Elon Musk’s childhood photos in the midst of Balenciagagate. I call this The theory of everything Problem solved Praise God.”

It was the culmination of a week in which West repeatedly said “I like Nazis” on conspiracy theorist Alex Jones’ radio show while glorifying despised Nazi leader Adolf Hitler that got him banned from Musk’s Twitter once more for displaying the Nazi insignia inside a Jewish star.

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In the wake of the collapse of his commercial empire, West doesn’t seem to have any new music or fashion endeavours to promote, and during his month-long media tour, he has drawn harsh criticism for his never-ending stream of antisemitic remarks.

President Joe Biden made a forceful statement on Friday about the perils of antisemitism and the support of Nazis without specifically addressing Ye.

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“I just want to make a few things clear: The Holocaust happened. Hitler was a demonic figure,” Biden clarified in a statement. “And instead of giving it a platform, our political leaders should be calling out and rejecting antisemitism wherever it hides. Silence is complicity.”

Biden’s powerful words stood in stark opposition to the recent events at Donald Trump’s exclusive Mar-a-Lago club, where the twice-impeached president invited Ye as well as the far-right activist and white nationalist Nick Fuentes, who is also well-known for using antisemitic language.

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The professional right-wing troll Milo Yiannopoulos, who has been blocked from the majority of major social media sites for his slurs against Islam and feminism and his embrace of antisemitic figures, was also present at the lunch that Trump hosted on the elevated patio at his golf club. Yiannopoulos was Ye’s alleged 2024 presidential campaign manager; he has reportedly since been fired.

In the midst of a rising wave of such toxic speech across the country, West frequently amplifies antisemitic stereotypes and attacks. The Anti-Defamation League, which keeps tabs on anti-Semitic activity nationally, announced in April that there had been a 34% increase in anti-Semitic incidents in 2021 (to 2,717), or an average of more than seven such events each day.