Former US President Donald Trump‘s equation with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who is running for reelection in the midterms, seems to be a complicated one. 

Trump claimed to have voted for DeSantis on Tuesday, which was Election Day, adding that it was going to be a “very exciting day” for Republicans.

“I think we’re gonna have a great night. I think it’s gonna be great to the country. It’s an honor to be here. They’ve done a fantastic job, but I think we’re gonna have a very big night, and it’s gonna be very exciting,” Trump told reporters.

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But on the same day, he went on NewsNation where he revealed that DeSantis was not gracious enough to him for backing his first gubernatorial bid, which might have caused a rift between the two ahead of a possible 2024 presidential primary battle.

“Ron is a person, I’ve always had a decent relationship with him, but when I endorsed him, he was gone,” Trump said in the interview from his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida.  

“He was not going to be able to even be a factor in the race, and as soon as I endorsed him, within moments the race was over,” Trump continued. “I got him the nomination. He didn’t get it, I got it. Because the minute I made that endorsement, he got it. I thought that he could have been more gracious, but that’s up to him.”

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‘He could hurt himself badly’

Over the weekend, during a campaign rally in Pennsylvania Trump mocked DeSantis and referred to him as “Ron DeSanctimonious.” But the very next day he extended his support to DeSantis and urged voters to cast their ballots for him.

On Election Day, Fox News Digital published an interview with Trump that the former leader had given on Monday. 

He warned DeSantis against running against him in 2024, saying it would “be good for the party.” However, he dismissed reports of a brewing tiff between the two of them, calling DeSantis a “fine guy.”

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“I don’t know if he is running. I think if he runs, he could hurt himself very badly. I really believe he could hurt himself badly,” Trump said. “I think he would be making a mistake, I think the base would not like it — I don’t think it would be good for the party.”

“Any of that stuff is not good — you have other people that possibly will run, I guess,” he added. “I don’t know if he runs. If he runs, he runs.”

He also teased the fact that he knew some less-flattering things about DeSantis that he could make public if he wanted to. “I know more about him than anybody — other than, perhaps, his wife,” Trump said.