Rapper Kanye West dared Elon Musk Thursday to ban him from Twitter as he plans to give Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes and right-wing conspiracy monger Alex Jones the keys to his Twitter account. 

Ye said that he would do so in protest against Musk’s stance of not allowing Jones back on the platform after a 2018 ban. 

“I got a Twitter account and today I’m gonna have Nick and Alex tweet from my account,” West said on Jones’s Infowars show.

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“I do find it a little bit hypocritical that Elon Musk said he was purchasing Twitter to create a free speech environment,” Fuentes, West’s 2024 presidential campaign adviser, added.

Just hours later, a tweet was posted from West’s account indicated Alex Jones had written a previous post declaring, “I love the first amendment! Love live Ye!”

To this, Musk replied: “Jesus taught love, kindness and forgiveness. I used to think that turning the other cheek was weak & foolish, but I was the fool for not appreciating its profound wisdom.”

Another previous post appeared to come from Fuentes. “Christ is King — America First, GROYPER! – NJF,” the tweet read, seemingly referencing Fuentes, a Holocaust denier, and his reactionary “groyper” followers.

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Earlier this month, a video was shared online showing West saying that he had an “issue” with Musk for not reinstating Jones despite other previously deactivated accounts being let back on Twitter since the Tesla CEO took over the social media website.

“Alex Jones is a Christian,” West said in the clip. “But you have a person who doesn’t believe that Christ is Lord going to buy an American media outlet and picking and choosing who can be on the platform. Jesus is Lord.”