Fake mugshots of Mauricio Garcia, the Allen, Texas mall shooting suspect went viral on the internet after some of the mainstream outlets also used the mugshot.

Garcia has been identified as the suspect in Saturday’s Allen Outlet Mall, Dallas mass shooting which resulted in eight deaths. The suspect was fatally shot by an officer. Police searched Garcia’s Dallas home after the shooting. CBS 11 reported JD Miles tweeted that he was 33 years old. Mauricio was living in a motel and worked as a security guard.

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Independent journalist Ed Krassenstein pointed out the fake mugshots that have gone viral. “There is a lot of misinformation going around on the internet. People are claiming that this is the mugshot of the Allen, Texas mall shooter Mauricio Garcia. Garcia used an AR-15-style gun to kill 8 innocent people including multiple children. This is NOT the killer’s mugshot. It appears as though it’s a mugshot of a different man with the same name. FACTS Matter. Please help debunk this misinformation when you see it,” he captioned the post which contained one of the fake mugshots of Garcia.

The journalist also posted a second fake mugshot which had gone viral, which the caption: “This photo also is not the mugshot of the Mauricio Garcia who killed 8 people in Texas. This is another man. This photo was spread around the internet by thousands of people including mainstream media outlets and myself. Please let people know it is not legitimate.”

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Also, a video of the suspect arriving at the mall’s parking lot in a car was circulated on social media. He was seen getting out of his vehicle and opening fire in front of an H&M store. Media reports stated that there was a ‘pile of bodies’, including that of children.