Mauricio Garcia was identified as the suspect in the Allen Outlet Mall, Northern Dallas mass shooting. The 33-year-old, as per media reports, was discharged from the US Army in 2008 over mental health concerns.

Garcia killed eight people, and injured several others before being shot down by a police officer on Saturday afternoon. His motive remains unconfirmed.

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ABC 30 Dallas reported that Garcia served in the US Army and was removed in 2008 over mental health concerns. The report does not cite any authority and we cannot confirm the same.

In addition to the emblem on the shooter’s machinery that hinted at a right-wing extremist ideology, detectives have discovered social media accounts associated with the shooter that contain hundreds of postings and images, including writings with racially or ethnically motivated violent extremist rhetoric, neo-Nazi material, and material endorsing the supremacy of the white race.

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There were no user likes, shares, or comments on any of the subject’s postings that have been examined thus far. No acquaintances or connections of the gunman were listed on their account as being accessible to the general public.

Additionally, detectives found that the shooter used a semi-automatic gun and had no prior criminal record. The shooter had many weapons, a bulletproof vest, and lots of magazines.

Shoppers in a panic were captured on camera shouting and hiding behind rows of vehicles in the parking lot of the Allen Premium Outlets in Texas. Employees, customers, and families with young children fled the large building and took cover in storage areas or back hallways, according to witnesses who spoke to CNN.

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An Allen Police Department officer who was in the mall for a different call shot and killed the shooter, according to the authorities. Investigators are of the opinion that the shooter acted alone.

In a picture acquired by CNN, the gunman can be seen lying on the ground next to an AR-15-style weapon after being shot. He’s covered in black body armor, and it looks like he has a number of additional magazines fastened to his chest armor.

According to Allen Fire Chief Jonathan Boyd, at least nine people were sent to trauma centers, two of whom have now passed away. According to him, as of Saturday night, three of the survivors were in serious condition and awaiting surgery, while four others were stable.