Superhero films capture our imagination like few others are capable of; the thrill of watching the awkward boy or girl-next-door suddenly discover a whole new set of exciting superpowers and watch them go from outcast to coolest-thing-in-town is literally the stuff of dreams for most of us, even as adults! 

Miss Marvel, whose pilot episode premiered on Disney+ on 8th June, takes everything one step further, becoming the first superhero show in the MCU to open the world’s eyes to South Asian, aka desi culture- and the internet is already going ga-ga about this spicy new show, no pun intended! If you’ve already finished with the first episode and are left yearning for more, there’s no need to panic for we have put together a list of 5 binge-worthy shows that’ll satiate all your superhero cravings in the meantime!

Ragnarok (2020)

Where: Netflix

Seasons: 2

This is a Norwegian fantasy drama and borrows heavily from Norse mythology to great effect, as ancient forces of good and evil slowly start seeping into the lives of the people in a nondescript little Norwegian town that is suddenly caught in a celestial crossfire it can’t seem to understand. Originally in Norwegian but also dubbed in English, Ragnarok is a truly fascinating story and very binge-able! 

Stargirl (2020)

Where:  Disney+ Hotstar

Seasons: 2 

Based on the character from DC comics, this superhero story has all the ingredients required to serve up an exhilarating, yet relatable teen-superhero spectacle! A lot of us have felt the pangs of leaving behind our friends and starting a new life in a new place, and this is the kind of space in which Stargirl begins her superhero journey, and you’ll be rooting for her!

Titans (2018)

Where: Netflix

Seasons: 3

Another DC show, this one follows the lives of a group of young teens as they come of age and fight to earn their rightful place in this world. Expect a plethora of uber-cool superpowers, a healthy camaraderie and lots of thrills n spills in this show!

Wandavision (2021)

Where: Disney+ Hotstar

Seasons: 1

This is truly a unique entrant on this list- shot in the style of a sitcom, this Marvel show will appeal to sitcom fans as well as fans of the recently concluded Avengers Trilogy , with Wanda/Scarlet Witch and Vision the main protagonists. The show is like no other superhero show out there- definitely worth a punt! 

Death Note (2006-07)

Where: Netflix

Seasons: 1 season of 37 episodes

There’s no reason not to throw in an anime in such lists, especially one as acclaimed as Death Note! If you’re new to anime, this will particularly be an exciting way to dip into this vast sea of top-quality Japanese content. It’s dark, and thrilling, and unpredictable- and with bold shades of grey, rather than the usual black n white that superhero movies often present to us. With episodes as small as 20 minutes, you have nothing to lose, and a lot to gain! 

Happy watching!