Pro-Palestinian protesters confronted Hillary Clinton outside her class at Columbia University in New York City on Wednesday, marking another incident in ongoing tensions surrounding the Israel-Hamas conflict.

Video footage captures Clinton walking past a common area of Columbia University’s International Affairs Building as demonstrators chant, “Hillary, Hillary you can’t hide, you are supporting genocide.” The protest, staged outside the lecture titled “Inside the Situation Room,” reportedly disrupted the class taught by the former first lady and secretary of state.

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Protesters, many wearing face masks, sat on the ground holding signs with messages such as “Columbia funds apartheid” and “Viva Viva Palestine.” The demonstration also targeted Clinton’s co-instructor, Keren Yarhi-Milo, with chants accusing her of supporting genocide.

As Clinton and Yarhi-Milo exited the lecture hall, the protesters shouted, “Take our demands!” and “Shame on you!” A Columbia School of International and Public Affairs spokesperson stated, “Today was a good example of balancing these principles,” emphasizing the school’s commitment to free expression while maintaining core activities.

This incident follows a previous protest earlier in November, where about 30 students walked out of a lecture delivered by Clinton and Yarhi-Milo. The walkout was a response to allegations that the university failed to protect pro-Palestinian students from being doxed. Trucks near campus aimed to expose individuals labeled as “Columbia’s Leading Antisemites,” displaying names and photos of students who justified Hamas’ attack on Israeli civilians.

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The ongoing tensions prompted Columbia University to announce a task force on student safety, focusing on preventing doxing and reducing tensions surrounding controversial events. Clinton’s “Inside the Situation Room” class, according to the course description, examines key factors influencing a nation’s decisions through case studies from historical and contemporary contexts.