A woman named Hana Odeh is facing severe backlash for tearing down posters of kidnapped Israeli civilians by Hamas. 

The video of the incident went viral on social media, where she can be seen tearing down posters. Several social media users slammed her for her actions and raised concerns about her behavior.

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Who is Hana Odeh?

Hana Odeh is a faculty of the University of Pennsylvania’s medical school in the dept. of biochemistry and biophysics. She was filmed ripping down posters on campus of Israeli civilians kidnapped by Hamas terrorists and held hostage in Gaza.

Several X users reacted to the surfaced video and expressed their disappointment. One user wrote, “How can people trust these people in medical schools with so much hate! 😳😞”

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“Every one of them have a disdain for humanity. Clearly, they hate everyone who doesn’t agree with them. But, are the same people who have a ‘Coexist’ bumper sticker.” another user wrote.

One X user wrote, “Can we trust our health to someone who destroys images of victims of terror? Their actions raise serious doubts about their empathy and integrity. #MedicalEthics #CharacterMatters”

One user tweeted, “It’s amazing schools allow students to wear the modern day KKK hood or robe (depending how it’s worn) around their necks to school.”

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There has been a noticeable increase in anti-Semitic occurrences and hate crimes against Jews both abroad and in the United States as a result of the October 7 massacre and the ongoing conflict between Hamas and Israel.

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) reports that anti-Semitic incidents in the US increased by more than 400% in the two weeks after the Middle East crisis, which was sparked by a Hamas attack on Israel, began.