A significant fireball illuminated the skies over Oxfordshire, prompting reports of an “explosion” in the vicinity. The incident occurred earlier in the evening, and individuals quickly shared videos and accounts of the fire on various social media platforms.

One witness informed the Oxford Mail that they observed an unusual pulsating sky when looking northwest of Oxford from their windows. They speculated that the fire may have been caused by the lightning storm that had passed over the area.

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Social media users chimed in, with one person asking if anyone else in Oxford had witnessed the fireball, noting that there had been a “loud explosion.” Another individual described the sky as “strange” and “pulsating.”


The Met Office had issued a yellow weather warning for thunderstorms and heavy rainfall in Oxfordshire, which could have been connected to the incident. Stuart Reid mentioned on Twitter that the lightning strike had occurred near Oxford, specifically on the A34, and it seemed to have ignited something that burst into flames.

Ana Cavey, who resides in Somerton, located about 15 miles north of Oxford, recounted an intense thunder and lightning storm that appeared suddenly and produced deafening noise. Lightning struck near her home, causing a terrifying experience. Power outages affected the area, with power being restored only later in the evening.

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Further reports on social media confirmed the unexpected nature of the event, with descriptions of an explosion-like sound and flames in the distance. Residents in various locations, such as Yarnton and Kidlington, shared their accounts of the incident, highlighting the extraordinary and unsettling nature of the event. The horizon itself took on an orange hue for a brief period.

The fireball and explosion-like noise generated significant interest and discussion among locals, as they grappled with the startling and unexpected phenomenon that had unfolded in their region.