On Friday, a woman wrapped in a Palestinian flag engaged in an act of protest by setting herself on fire. The incident near 1100 Spring Street NW in Atlanta, Georgia, on December 1 has resulted in at least two people being injured. Police, medical personnel, and representatives from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) are responding to the situation. The Consulate General of Israel, located at the address, has confirmed that its office staff is unharmed. Authorities have not released additional details about the incident.

The incident occurred just hours after Israel’s military announced the resumption of its offensive against Hamas in Gaza, adding a layer of political tension to the situation. Two individuals, including a security guard who intervened, sustained injuries. The condition of the security guard is uncertain, while the protestor is in critical condition.

Social media posts captured burned items and a singed backpack outside the consulate, providing a glimpse of the severity of the incident. While officials have not identified the protestor and no pro-Palestinian groups have claimed responsibility, the act is being treated as an extreme political protest rather than an act of terrorism.

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Anat Sultan-Dadon, consul general of Israel to the southeastern U.S., expressed sorrow over the self-immolation incident, condemning the expression of hate towards Israel in such a tragic manner. The consulate emphasized the sanctity of life and extended prayers to the injured security officer.

Authorities are expected to conduct a thorough investigation to determine the cause and potential threats to public safety. Limited immediate details emphasize the need for a comprehensive examination before releasing more information.

A heightened security presence is anticipated in the vicinity of 1100 Spring Street NW to ensure the safety of the public and responders. Residents and businesses in the area should prepare for possible transport disruptions and business closures during the emergency response.

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The Consulate General of Israel is cooperating with authorities and has confirmed the well-being of its staff. No consulate personnel were harmed during the incident. Further details are withheld pending the outcome of the investigation.

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