US President Joe Biden on Tuesday addressed the people of Atlanta about voting rights and election reforms. Here are some of the highlights from his speech:

1. “Sadly, the United States Senate, designed to be the world’s greatest deliberative body, has been rendered a shell of its former self.”

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2. “It gives me no satisfaction in saying that, as an institutionalist, as a man who was honored to serve in the Senate. But as an institutionalist, I believe the threat to democracy is so grave that we must find a way to pass these voting rights bills, debate them, vote, let the majority prevail.”

3. “And if that bare minimum is blocked, we have no option but to change the Senate rules, including getting rid of the filibuster for this.”

4. “I’ve been having these quiet conversations with members of Congress for the last two months. I’m tired of being quiet!”

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5. “The Vice President and I have supported voting rights bills since day one of this administration, but every time Senate republicans have blocked the way.”

6. “The right to have that vote and to have that vote counted is democracy’s threshold liberty. Without it, nothing is possible. But with it, anything is possible. But while the denial of fair and free elections is undemocratic, it is not unprecedented.”

7. “People are going to be judged: Where were they before and where were they after the vote. History is going to judge us. The risk is making sure people understand just how important it is.”

8. “The Freedom to Vote Act takes on election subversion to protect nonpartisan electors, officials who are doing their job from intimidation and interference. We’ll get dark money out of politics, create fair district maps and ending partisan gerrymandering.”

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9. “Today, I’m making it clear to protect our democracy, I support changing the Senate rules whichever way they need to be changed to prevent a minority of senators from blocking action on voting rights. When it comes to protecting majority rule in America, the majority should rule in the United States Senate.”

10. “Today, we call on Congress to get done what history will judge. Pass the Freedom to Vote Act! Pass it now! Which should prevent voter suppression.”