Canadian superstar Justin Bieber has shown some early positive signs of making a recovery after he was diagnosed with a virus that left half his face paralysed, according to a surgeon who is known to specialise in facial paralysis.

Beiber shocked fans across the world, after revealing that he is suffering from partial facial paralysis due to a condition called the Ramsay Hunt syndrome, which affected nerves in his ear and face. He has had to postpone shows from his Justice World Tour because of this, and left fans concerned about his wellbeing, both immediate and long term. 

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Dr. Charles Nduka, who specialises in facial paralysis and is a consultant plastic reconstructive surgeon has moved to quell some of those fears, by saying that there were hints in the video that Bieber was showing signs of an early recovery. Dr. Nduka explained that about 75% of the patients that received early treatment for this syndrome, including steroids and antivirals, recovered fully.

“I did notice in the video shared by Mr. Bieber that he does appear to have some evidence of recovery, which is encouraging,” Dr. Nduka told Reuters.

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“With facial paralysis one of the most obvious things is patients are unable to close their eye fully to blink and they are unable to smile,” he further added.

“Before the smile recovers, the first thing that will develop is there is increasing symmetry in the face at rest. So, the base of the nose often elevates slightly, and the mouth becomes more even. On the video that was shared I could see some signs that there is some early recovery.”

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The surgeon who has worked extensively with patients in the entertainment industry has given out a word of warning for artists and entertainers- that it is vital to carefully address the problem of a weakening immune system before even considering returning to work. He explained, “They will be under financial pressures and all sorts of pressures to get back out there as soon as possible, but doing so will only lead to longer term problems.”