Justin Bieber, the 28-year-old pop star, revealed that part of his face was paralyzed as a result of the Ramsay Hunt syndrome, forcing him to cancel shows on the Justice World tour

The ‘Baby’ singer pointed out how the virus rendered him unable to smile, blink, or flare his nostril on one side of his face. While Bieber noted that he was doing facial exercises to regain feeling, and vowed to get better, he is not the first celebrity who’s had to fight facial paralysis. 

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Several Hollywood A-listers have had to deal with Bell’s palsy, which is the most common type of facial paralysis. 

Angelina Jolie 

Angelina Jolie was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy in 2016, after which she opened up about her battle with facial paralysis. The ‘Mr and Mrs Smith’ actor has recovered fully since then, with the help of acupuncture. 

George Clooney

The ‘Oceans’ franchise actor, who’s set himself apart with unique charming appearances, suffered from the condition when he was 14. Clooney joked about it, saying it was “a bad time for having half your face paralyzed” when one is starting off their freshman year in high school. The actor ultimately made a recovery in nine months. 

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Pierce Brosnan 

Facial paralysis didn’t even spare the former James Bond actor, whose one-liners made the British spy stand out. Brosnan, who had the disease in the 1980s, was treated with prednisone, a steroid. He recovered after several weeks. 

Sylvester Stallone 

Stallone always had facial paralysis as a result of complications during birth. The ‘Rocky Balboa’ and ‘Rambo’ actor has a distinctive pronunciation as a result of the residual paralysis. His crooked smile and slurred speech are due to Bell’s palsy. 

Katie Holmes 

The ‘Dawson Creek’ actor also suffered from facial paralysis. Holmes’ iconic smirk is believed to be the residual impact of the Bell’s palsy condition which paralyzed her face.