Liberty Safe, a leading gun safes manufacturer in the United States is being boycotted after the business disclosed that it had given the FBI access code to a safe owned by someone who was present at the J6 protest.

In a social media post, the business revealed, “On August 30, 2023, Liberty Safe was contacted by the FBI requesting the access code to the safe of an individual for whom they had a warrant to search their property. Our company protocol is to provide access codes to law enforcement if a warrant grants them access to a property. After receiving the request, we received proof of the valid warrant, and only then did we provide them with an access code.”

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The company also claimed that they had no knowledge of the ongoing investigation being conducted by the FBI at the time. The manufacturer reassured its customers in the post that it is devoted to protecting personal property and 2nd Amendment rights.

However, conservative people on the social media site X, formerly known as Twitter were not pacified by Liberty Safe’s clarification and continued to boycott the company.

Conservative Pundit Collin Rugg wrote, “America’s top gun safe manufacturer, Liberty Safe, gave the FBI an access code to a safe owned by someone who was present at the J6 protest. We have officially found the Bud Light of gun safes. Enjoy going out of business, @libertysafeinc. The situation gets even worse: On August 30, 2023, the FBI raided the owner of the safe, Arkansas man Nathan Hughes who is a friend of the @hodgetwins. Not only did they access his safe but the FBI also allegedly turned off his security cameras and held his girlfriend at gun point.”

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Rugg called it a “shameful” act.

Hughes friend @hodgetwins wrote, “Nate was raided by the FBI and arrested at gun point. His girlfriend (who just had a miscarriage) was held at gun point and put in handcuffs. The FBI turned off his security cameras, unplugged his internet, and flipped his house upside down in a search. The feds called the manufacturer of his Liberty Gun Safe and got the passcode to get into it too. All for protesting at the Capitol over 2 1/2 years ago. He is being charged with crimes related to January 6th. He didn’t assault anyone and he didn’t vandalize anything. He is being labeled a domestic terrorist and a traitor to his country by woke leftists and the media. Nate is just like us…he’s an outspoken American Patriot…he loves freedom, loves his country, and would do anything to preserve our rights. He’s been fighting to save our country for years now. He’s also a small business owner with a family that relies on him.”

Here are some more outraged reactions where people compared Liberty Safe to Bud Light.