For many, K-pop means BTS. Although the seven-membered boy band has taken the world by storm, there is another K-pop group that is quickly rising to the top.

Blackpink, the four-membered girl group has four members — Jennie, Jisoo, Rose and Lisa. Among them, Lalisa Manoban, commonly known as Lisa, is the group’s main dancer and rapper. 

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Recently, rumours started circulating that Lisa was quitting the group. But, worry not Blinks, those were just rumours that had no truth whatsoever.

As Lisa isn’t quitting Blackpink any time soon, here are some facts about the group’s maknae:

Who is Lisa of Blackpink?

Born and raised in Thailand, Lisa was into dancing from a young age. The now 24-year-old rapper-dancer moved to South Korea to become a K-pop idol in 2011. Known for her solid rapping, one cannot help but be amazed by her killer dance moves.

Other than Thai, Lisa can speak in Korean, which she learned after moving to South Korea. She also knows Chinese and Japanese.

As now you know enough about Lisa, here are some of her best songs:

‘How You Like That’

If you want to experience the Blackpink style of music, ‘How You Like That’ should be on your playlist. The song’s catchy tune and the member’s phenomenal dancing makes this song of the best of the band.

‘Kill This Love’

This song, released two years ago, is also among the band’s best singles. Starting with Lisa’s iconic “Blackpink in your area”, the song is packed with amazing music, catchy rap and killer dance moves.

‘Ice cream’

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This song was released in August last year and featured the American singing sensation, Selena Gomez. ‘Ice cream’ is a summer song. It’s fun, flirty and colourful. What stands out the most is Lisa’s rap, which contains interesting lines, such as “Chillin’ like a villain, yeah rah rah rah” and  “Mona Lisa kinda Lisa.”