On Monday at the downtown bank where he worked, Connor Sturgeon, a 25-year-old man shot and killed five coworkers with a rifle, according to the police. In the attack, eight further people were hurt, two of them seriously. According to TMZ, the AR-15 rifle used in the mass shooting at a Kentucky bank will shortly be put up for auction.

The AR-15 is a lightweight semi-automatic rifle.

Only gun dealers with federal permits who expressly have licenses for the weapons they buy are permitted to purchase firearms.

The police shot and killed the suspect after he exchanged fire with them, according to officials who claimed he was live-streaming the shooting spree.

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The victims were identified as James Tutt, 64, Joshua Barrick, 40, Thomas Elliott, 63, and Juliana Farmer, 45, all of whom worked at the Old National Bank. Deana Eckert, 57, worked there as well, according to her LinkedIn page. According to officials, she originally survived the shooting but died on Monday night. One of the critically injured was Nickolas Wilt, 26, who had graduated from the police school on March 31.

After Connor Sturgeon shot five bank employees dead with an AR-15 before being shot dead by police, Mayor Craig Greenberg slammed the state law at a press conference on Monday. The Louisville bank where Sturgeon worked had previously informed him that he would be terminated.

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“The laws we have now are enabling violence and murder. Think about that: that murder weapon will be back on the streets one day. It’s time to change this law and let us destroy illegal guns and destroy the guns that have been used to kill our friends and kill our neighbors. Greenberg went on to say that leaders must act immediately to stop the “gun violence epidemic. “It’s time to change this law and let us destroy illegal guns and destroy the guns that have been used to kill our friends and kill our neighbors,” Greenberg stated.

President Biden was among the national political figures to condemn the shooting in Louisville and call for action on gun control on Monday. Democratic Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear stated that the day should be dedicated to “friends and loved ones that are no longer with us.”

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Due to permissive gun laws and a lack of training requirements for legally purchased firearms, Kentucky has some of the highest rates of gun-related fatalities in the nation, according to some experts.

Additionally, Kentucky does not require universal background checks, which makes it difficult for law authorities to track down a gun purchase in the event of a crime because no paper trail is left behind.

The Old National Bank branch where the shooting occurred is located close to the Ohio River in a section of downtown Louisville that is overrun with apartments and office buildings. The Louisville Ballet and Louisville Slugger Field, home of the independent Louisville Bats, are located on the same block as the structure.