Michigan school district sixth graders were pictured swinging from stripper poles at a strip club while on a class field trip and now the school district is facing the heat.

Back in November, the band teacher at Hart Middle School took sixth-graders to see the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. The students were supposed to be taken to lunch at Niki’s Pizza, which incidentally is connected to Niki’s Lounge, a well-known strip club in Motor City. 

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Since the pizzeria was overcrowded, the students were moved to Niki’s Lounge, which is where the pictures were taken. Some students were pictured swinging on stripper poles. 

A spokesperson with the Rochester Communities Schools confirmed in a statement to Fox News that the students did get lunch at Niki’s but did not elaborate on the incident further. The spokesperson added that parents with concerns should reach out directly to their school administrators.

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“Rochester Community Schools appreciates the  strong teacher and caregiver partnerships as we work together to enhance classroom learning opportunities,” she said. “Parents and caregivers are always encouraged throughout the school year to contact their school administrator with questions or concerns.”

The spokesperson added: “Proposed field trips are evaluated by a curriculum team and require a parental/guardian permission slip. RCS may ask parents, caregivers or other responsible adults to serve as field trip chaperones when appropriate. Adult chaperones are required to complete background checks,’ the spokesperson continued, noting, ‘The safety and security of our students, staff and school community is always our top priority.”

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According to the club’s Instagram, the facility has hosted strippers and “sexy ladies” in bikinis. A flyer posted on its social media said: “Guys bring your singles.”

A school board trustee has publicly questioned why the district won’t be transparent about the incident that transpired. On his blog last Friday, Andrew Weaver posted about the incident. He noted that Niki’s is located in an area that the Detroit Police Department monitors as part of its Project Green Light Detroit.

Weaver has since taken down the post. He wrote on Sunday: “The post was factual and offered no judgment or opinion. The information that was shared came from community members sharing it via social media. The information was not gained through my role as a Trustee. As I have stated previously and a key foundation of my promise to the public, there needs to be more focus on the actions that reflect poorly on our District.”

He also posted about the fact that many people in the community thought that he was unnecessarily overhyping the incident. “Many community members feel that there is too much time and energy spent trying to stop people from knowing about the actions that reflect poorly on the District while not enough time or energy is spent on actually doing anything about the issue(s) at hand,” he said. “As board members, it is critical that we remain objective and not allow personal biases to influence what concerns we take seriously and which ones we minimize.”