A gruesome multiple-murder scene was discovered by the police on Tuesday in Orlando, Florida. The father, Donovan Michael Ramirez, 45, had reportedly killed his wife and three young children before committing suicide. The wife, Stephanie Renee Ramirez, was 39-years-old, while the three children were 22, 11, and seven.

The five bodies were discovered at around 1 PM when the police went to the house for a welfare check. While the cause of death has not been revealed yet, the police reported that a gun was found at the residence. “At this time, it appears this is a domestic violence related incident”, the officials said. Moreover, the crime scene is reported to have been so gruesome that a police official fell ill at the sight.

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Orlando police said, “Investigators worked overnight to gather as much information as possible”. Further adding, “As this is still an active and ongoing investigation, no further updates will be provided at this time.”

According to a report by WESH, a neighbour said, “I didn’t hear anything. I wish I did. I definitely would have liked to have been that concerned neighbour that did something in this situation.”

The neighbours also reported to WESH that the family had a small dog. However, police choppers later confirmed that a dog was indeed being removed from the house where Animal Control officials were also present.

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Although the cause of death has not been stated yet, gun violence has been on the rise in the United States, with many reports of mass shootings emerging in recent times. The police and authorities in some US states have implemented buyback policies for guns people have with them. Hollywood actor Matthew McConaughey himself went to the White House where he spoke about the importance of stricter gun laws post the Robb Elementary School shooting in his hometown, Uvalde, in the state of Texas.