Near the courthouse in downtown Manhattan where former President Donald Trump will be arraigned later today, protesters momentarily engaged in physical altercation.

As riled-up attendees traded barbs over the heads of police officers, a shouting match between Trump supporters and opponents avoided becoming a severe physical confrontation as per New York Times.

“You old bag of bones, get out of here!” One Trump supporter made fun of an elderly woman wearing a “Arrest Trump” sweatshirt. The woman with gray hair lectured the gathering, saying, “Trump has unleashed violence.”

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“Get out of here!” yelled another. Police struggled to keep the groups apart, and one MAGA hat-wearing woman fell while attempting to manipulate a banner.

Tuesday will mark a historic moment in American history as former president Donald Trump, who is the subject of numerous probes into the 2016 election, will appear in court to answer to charges related to hush money payments.

Though far from routine, the booking and arraignment are likely to be brief as Trump is fingerprinted, is informed of the accusations against him, and enters the customary not guilty plea.

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Trump will be the first former president to face criminal proceedings. He was impeached twice by the US House of Representatives but was never convicted in the US Senate. The Secret Service will accompany the country’s 45th president from Trump Tower to the courthouse, where he might be photographed for a mug picture.

Trump supporters who agree with the former GOP president’s assertion that the New York grand jury indictment and three additional ongoing investigations are politically motivated are preparing to demonstrate in New York, according to the city’s police department.

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Trump will host a rally at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida on Tuesday night to mark the return of his new reality: submitting to the strict requirements of the American criminal justice system while portraying victimhood and defiance at joyous campaign events.