Pro-Palestine demonstrators interrupted Ypsilanti, Michigan’s annual Christmas tree lighting, which officially ushers in the unofficial holiday season.

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Protesters were severely criticized for their actions. Several social media users slammed them for their actions. The video of the incident went viral on social media where protesters can be seen disrupting Christmas tree lighting as crowds gathered for the annual event in the city’s historic district.

Several X users bashed the protesters for interfering in the city’s annual celebration. One X user wrote, “This has become too much.  Why disrupt Christmas tree lightings?”

“Waiting for these protesters to head over to Palestine to fight, but not going to hold my breath.” another user wrote.

Another user tweeted, “the situation is getting worse, the people who live there just need to celebrate what they like, these protests need to be handled more harshly by the government and police before it is too late and it becomes a horizontal conflict”

One tweeted, “Way to go ya buzz kills!  Scoring lots of popularity points with this disruptive protest.”

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A similar incident occurred in downtown Seattle on Friday night. The annual lighting of the Christmas tree in downtown Seattle, which officially ushers in the unofficial start of the holiday season, was interrupted by pro-Palestine demonstrators. 

The goal of the event, which has been put on by the Downtown Seattle Association for the previous nine years, is to encourage downtown Seattle’s economic development. The holiday event was disrupted by dozens of pro-Palestine supporters who marched along Pine Street, despite the festive atmosphere at Westlake Center.

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During the annual lighting of the Christmas tree in downtown Seattle, protesters took over the event, chanting and holding signs on the stage and along the street. Protesters retaliated with cries of “Light the tree” as the demonstration grew more intense. At 5:14 p.m., the Christmas tree was finally lit, and a fireworks display came next.