Raphael Warnock is currently facing off against Herschel Walker in a Georgia Senate Runoff race whose results will be crucial to the remaining two years in Joe Biden’s first term as US President. On election day, it was Democrat Warnock who seems to have “trumped” his opponent when it comes to social media campaigning.

Although current Twitter owner and CEO Elon Musk had asked American voters to choose Republicans before the 2022 midterm elections, Warnock has chosen the billionaire tycoon’s platform to drive home his messages and reach out to the Georgia voters.

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Warnock’s account put out more than two dozen tweets on election day. The incumbent Senator has re-tweeted a video posted by Barack Obama where he urges Georgia voters to chose Warnock once again as their Senator:

On the other hand, Walker has taken a more silent approach on Twitter. The last activity from his account was a retweet of Ted Cruz’s message where he asked voters to chose red this runoff election:

Walker’s campaigning has not been received positively by a section of Republican leaders. His schedules were unconventional, he chose to not campaign during the Thanksgiving week, and even refused to speak with reporters on certain occasions.

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Despite such irregularities, he is again putting up a strong fight in the runoff election. By the time 85% of all votes were counted, both candidates had secured exactly 50% of the votes each.

This election will be crucial in determining the fate of the US government in the last two years of Joe Biden’s first term as the POTUS. The Republicans have already secured a House majority, making it crucial for the Democrats to retain their majority in the Senate.